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Desde 1982 construindo o melhor para sua família

Desde 1982 construindo o melhor para sua família
Desde 1982 construindo o melhor para sua família
Desde 1982 construindo o melhor para sua família
Desde 1982 construindo o melhor para sua família
Desde 1982 construindo o melhor para sua família

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Equipment will help officials decide if bats can be removed from endangered species list

GAINESBORO, Tenn. A short distance from the creek was a limestone outcropping marking the entrance to the cave.

A cave specialist for the Tennessee chapter of The Nature Conservancy, Holliday had with him an infrared video camera and a laptop computer the latest tools for counting bats as they leave the cave at night to feed on insects.

Prior to this summer, biologists had to use night vision goggles and hand clickers to count gray bats during their outflights.

With the new equipment, they'll be able to feed video footage of the bats into a computer software program Sustanon 250 Weekly Dosage that counts them individually by reading their thermal images taken at the mouth of the cave. Army Corps of Engineers specifically for counting gray bats, a federally endangered species that has bounced back in recent years. Fish and Wildlife Service decide if gray bats have recovered enough to be removed from the endangered species list.

"The old counting method was good at showing population trends, but not at specific numbers," Holliday said. Fish and Wildlife Service this summer to develop protocols for using the new counting equipment in the field.

Gray bats use caves year round but need different caves for the winter and summer. In winter they hibernate in caves that trap cold air and remain between 42 and 52 degrees Fahrenheit. In summer, the females form maternity colonies in caves that are roomy and warm.

Because of the gray bat's specific habitat requirements, less than 5 percent of the available caves suit their needs.

The cave where Holliday made his recent gray bat count is located in the cave rich region of Tennessee's Highland Rim, about two hours northwest of Knoxville. The cave is gated with slats of angle iron that allow the gray bats to fly in and out while protecting them from intruders.

Night came early to the leafy woods. As darkness fell, Holliday buy cheap jintropin online set up the infrared camera and tripod about six feet from the cave's 6 by 9 foot opening. Illuminated in the spooky green hues of the camera's night vision was a trickling of bats that darted across the screen, like fairies swimming on air. Holliday said they mostly likely were gray bat pups, and were the prelude to the mass exodus that would occur in another half hour.

"I was using this equipment last night when I started seeing a form on the camera screen moving back and forth," Holliday said. "It "Jintropin (Gensci Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.)" turned out to be a Winstrol E Clenbuterolo wood rat."

Holliday said the out flight would take about an hour and a half, and that the bats would return to the cave throughout the night.

Tennessee is home to 15 species of bats, all of them insectivores. In addition to gray bats, Tennessee has another federally listed endangered species, the Indiana bat, that does not appear to be making a comeback.

Scientists say bats eat 50 to 100 percent of their weight each night in insects, which translates into 1,000 bats consuming 22 Testosterone Enanthate Liver pounds of bugs per night.

Gray bats "buy cheap jintropin online" weigh between 8 and 11 grams, and eat everything from moths to mosquitoes.

"Anything they pick up on their echolocation and can fit in their mouths, they'll eat," he said.

Holliday said the summer gray bat colony in the cave should be around 15,000 based on previous counts made without the infrared camera and computer.

After filming the bat's 1 1/2 hour out flight, Holliday downloaded the video into a computer, where the software read the bats' thermal images. Once the video was captured onto the computer and the thresholds were set, it took the computer only about 20 seconds to calculate a bat count.

On the computer screen, the bats' heads are colored red, while the cooler sections toward the tail show up blue.

The bat count taken at the cave that night was considerably lower than those taken in previous years. Holliday said the colony likely had been disturbed by someone who'd managed to get through the cave gate.

"It doesn't take much human disturbance for bats to leave their summer site," he said. "My guess is someone was Bivirkninger going in there repeatedly, maybe digging for Indian artifacts,"

Holliday said counting the gray bats with the infrared camera and computer software as they fly out of their summer caves is less invasive than counting them in the winter when they're hibernating.

"In 4-chlorodehydromethyltestosteron the old days people would spend years perfecting their methods and learning to count bats," he said. "If they were within 1,000 to 3,000 bats, that was considered pretty accurate. I don't know how they did it."